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posted by 👍5 💡72 💎1 Gentle Polychromatic Bear on 30 March, 2021

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hey mellow-talkers, tide is running a bit low these days, isnt it? i hope everyone is taking care of themselves as this is hightime to do so. if you are in a better place, im glad you are doing well and i hope it only gets better. check in with your family and friends often and try helping them out. even kind words might give them the tiny bursts of boost needed. we are ever grateful for the kind souls. if you are fighting a storm inside, my friend.. please do not feel that you are alone. we are with you. you are more stronger than you believe to be. we're gonna get this stuff settled. good times will always come by. please seek help when needed. do not let the ignorance of other people make you crumble. sending you a special dose of bear hugs and warmth, cheering for your betterment.

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👍13 💡3310 Big Boy Ben ● 06 April, 2021 ⚓︎

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doing well here, looking forward to some warm spring days ahead!