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tough to understand

posted by Anonymous on 03 July, 2021

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this week has been difficult for me to accept the fact that my dad is no longer with me, it hurts everyday since he recently passed on i find myself feeling empty and broken inside it’s hard for to get up in the morning because i’m always waiting to hear his voice it’s like i have to push to keep busy not to think about it

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hello anon, im so sorry to hear that. i dunno if any of my words would help you, but im gonna try. take your time in grieving. take care of yourself as how your dad wanted you to. acknowledge what has happened and treasure the memories you shared. i might sound odd, but i dont think death is an end. its a level which no one alive can reach, thats all. like an alignment change. just know that they will always love you and your love will always reach them. :) feel free to vent or chat in here whenever.