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lesbian issues

posted by Anonymous on 02 February, 2019

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thanks in advance for helping me. i am in high school and want a girlfriend quite badly. problem is i can't seem to find anyone who is single and not straight (and interested). my school isnt super socially liberal overall, but there still exists a handful of other people just like me, but in couples. anyways, i am tired of being the single nerd here when i have so much love in my heart to give, and i would like advice to change that. any help will make me so grateful.

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👍7 💡8 Tiny Red Bison ● 25 February, 2019 ⚓︎

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as another comment has mentioned, look at lgbtq clubs an parts of your community that are lgbtq friendly hangouts. also lgbtq social network at your school, yeah the kids there could be taken but they might have friends who you might be interested in that don't go to your school or maybe they do but you havent noticed them. best to you