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whats done is done

posted by Anonymous on 21 April, 2022

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you don’t have to say nothing to me i already know about you and her, i had asked you numerous times and you said she’s just a friend? well if she’s just a friend then why is she calling you at 2:00 am in the morning that’s sound suspicious to me but you wanna sit up here and say baby it’s not what you think it is, oh honey i know exactly what it is. i’ve made my decision to move out thank god prior to finding out about it i went looking a place of my own and got everything set up, not to mention asking me not file for divorce what is there for me to do after finding you’ve been lying to me saying to me you won’t do it again we’ll you did it again once i delivered the papers to you won’t be getting a dime from me

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Lit Speckled Cherry ● 06 May, 2022 ⚓︎

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ask a friend who you know;;; is from the postal office/// or has a delivery job;;; to also/// like;;; send a message to her;;;