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revenge affair

posted by Cozy Rainbow Salmon on 04 January, 2023

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my wife of over 10 years had had an affair. i dont want to leave her but its so hard to cope with. i am considering a revenge affair (i didnt know that was what it was called). clearly i would be open to the lady concerned of the situation. but should i? anyone with any expereicne got any advice?

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Lit Orchid Butterfly ● 09 January, 2023 ⚓︎

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no, i don't have any advice but i will find you advice because for her to do that is wrong but that's just my opinion. i'm sorry that happened to you and i hope you find out some advice from someone else soon.

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Anonymous ● 13 January, 2023 ⚓︎

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my advise. go to counseling or find ansiooort group. what she did was very wrong, but having a revenge affair yourself won’t heal your real-time hip either. simplu just being able to talk to a professional counselor to get all of your feelings out has helped me tremendously. esepcailybwhen they can listen and then offer guidance to guide me down a path that helps me heal and actually get better and happier as a person