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how can i tell my parents i’ve been cutting?

posted by Anonymous on 09 February, 2020

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ive been cutting for a year now. i need to stop. i want to get help, but know i need to tell my parents to get it. please help me out, my cutting’s getting dangerous.

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Anonymous ● 12 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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focus less on the cutting , talk to them that you are emotionally struggling and that you cannot find a healthy way of feeling better. the conversation may lead to them asking how you have been coping then you can disclose to them if you want to. if there is a school nurse you can talk to her as well to get the help you need. ultimately for you getting better is to not feel alone and to learn that it is ok to share your feelings with people you trust . i hope you learn to lean on people for emotional support and develop healthy ways of relaxing and feeling more confident and better

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Anonymous ● 13 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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this is the person who posted. i want to tell my parents why i’m struggling, but it’s half their fault, and half this kid who sexually harassed me a couple of months ago. my parents always tell me i’m not good enough, and are always fighting, and with the guy, i just wanted to erase all evidence of him, cutting everywhere he ever touched. but, it just wrecked me, and i still freak out when someone brushes my hand or knee today. i don’t want to tell my parents about that stuff because they won’t be able to help.