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how can i tell my parents i’ve been cutting?

posted by Anonymous on 09 February, 2020

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ive been cutting for a year now. i need to stop. i want to get help, but know i need to tell my parents to get it. please help me out, my cutting’s getting dangerous.

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Anonymous ● 13 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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this is the person who posted. i want to tell my parents why i’m struggling, but it’s half their fault, and half this kid who sexually harassed me a couple of months ago. my parents always tell me i’m not good enough, and are always fighting, and with the guy, i just wanted to erase all evidence of him, cutting everywhere he ever touched. but, it just wrecked me, and i still freak out when someone brushes my hand or knee today. i don’t want to tell my parents about that stuff because they won’t be able to help.