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“unique” problem

posted by Anonymous on 27 July, 2019

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this is the most funniest/stressful problems that i’ve had so far. theres this thing that the school wanted to give us, and the teacher told us to get one. i dont know what has gotten over me that time but instead of getting one, i just passed it along. the worse part is i didnt have memory of it and thought i had one.some time passed of stressing about where it went, and realizing what really happened.i became more stressed because i need to get one from the teacher now. now this teacher is very strict and idk how i should explain my situation to her cuz... it seems so stupid to be real. they’re selling it in a bookstore but my friend said to not buy cuz it’s expensive... i dont have any idea how to confront this situation...

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it is never to late to take action. either get the thing to stop the stress or just keep going the way it is. usually when a teaching professional is asked for help when something is too expensive to buy they are understanding. just be honest and you will feel much more relieved when it's off your chest. life is too short to stress so much when there are people out there to help and guide you when you are unsure .