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a note on new post etiquette from the admin

posted by 👍13 💡3310 Big Boy Ben on 06 June, 2019

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hello, everyone! it's nice to see so many new people joining the site. because of the influx of people i'd like to lay down some ground rules in order to keep this forum focused and on track. first of all, if you want to reply to a comment you must reply to it directly. new posts targeted directly as a reply to a user will be removed. in addition, new posts that are asking questions that are off topic, meaning those that do not concern mental health or are not asking for advice in some way, will be removed without notice. posts that are undescriptive and vague will also be removed. for example, a one word title and a brief statement as details does not encourage discussion and is not allowed. i hope these new rules will further improve the quality of responses and better assist those seeking help. take care, everyone.

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