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posted by 💡1 Trendy Vibrant Lemur on 03 December, 2020

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it's great what everyone does to impact on someone's life. let me explain my case and maybe i can get help or ideas from you lovely people. i graduated from college in the onset of the covid pandemic. i searched for employment or freelance work but never found.. i developed some tendency to gamble on football matches, it was good at first and it gave me a coin or two. but now it ended up finishing my saving, which i left college with... at the moment i think everyone sees me as a failure,, a loser who attained great grades but is poor and seems hopeless...ways of making my steps forward would be great..or maybe ways of getting a coin in my pocket without thinking of gambling

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Anonymous ● 07 December, 2020 ⚓︎

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hi , it would help if you gave us some information on what subject you graduated from in college. healthcare is always looking for healthcare support workers and they provide training you need. its very easy to get this sort of work as healthcare workers are in high demand . try your local hospitals or care homes or mental health support worker roles