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posted by 💡1 Trendy Vibrant Lemur on 03 December, 2020

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it's great what everyone does to impact on someone's life. let me explain my case and maybe i can get help or ideas from you lovely people. i graduated from college in the onset of the covid pandemic. i searched for employment or freelance work but never found.. i developed some tendency to gamble on football matches, it was good at first and it gave me a coin or two. but now it ended up finishing my saving, which i left college with... at the moment i think everyone sees me as a failure,, a loser who attained great grades but is poor and seems hopeless...ways of making my steps forward would be great..or maybe ways of getting a coin in my pocket without thinking of gambling

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👍3 💡28 Gentle Polychromatic Bear ● 14 December, 2020 ⚓︎

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hey there, trendy vibrant lemur. im sorry that you found yourself in such a position. but you know the famous quote "you can never be late". you're young , most probably healthy. even though finding work in covid has been an issue, you can always search for jobs looking for people. like the anon said, healthcare atm needs energetic employees or if you think you cant fit into that job, you can always go for generic job openings, like malls, gas stations or takeaways, orders. every lil step you take for making a living, makes your personality and builds your character. there's a kick in earning for yourself and be self-dependant. as you might've already known how things were easy when you had savings, you can always bounce back , by working again. gambling like any habit takes a bit of time to get out. all you gotta do is give your brain few constant goals. it could be cooking a new recipe or working out between job applications and such. once you know you want to get out of something, you gotta work for it. and its great that you realised this habit isnt doing you any good. that's step one! staying away or keeping your brain and body distracted with productive work is step two! its gonna be tough and quite frustrating to constantly leash your brain, but from there, it gets better. also, try to cut off the resources of the things that remind you of gambling, that should help. sorry, if its too long and preachy. i believe in you, trendy lemur. get vibrant!! tc and stay safe, hugs and good luck!