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i cry easily

posted by Anonymous on 12 July, 2019

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it’s not like i cry everyday.i hardly cry at all, but there are times when i feel embarrassed or maybe pressured ,my eyes will get watery and my cheeks will burn up ,and eventually people will notice,and i’ll be more embarrassed and self conscious about what people will think about me.i try to play it cool but deep inside i feel kinda lame for tearing up for small things. and i know it’s nothing to cry about, yet i still do. are there any advices to not tear up easily?

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Anonymous ● 01 August, 2019 ⚓︎

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personally i just smack my cheeks and the shock factor forces me to stop for a few seconds. crying can get very frustrating at little things but the best advice is to distract yourself with anything else. though, you shouldn't feel lame. it shows that ur a person who actually cares so there's nothing to be ashamed of