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need help

posted by Anonymous on 06 March, 2022

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i already tried to take help from a professional but it didn't help me. i'm constantly thinking about things make me feel worse and im not able to stop this. there's nothing left to do. i dont know what should i do. i dont have anyone to talk to. im afraid im going to do something bad.

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Anonymous ● 26 March, 2022 ⚓︎

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you seem vague in your description. if you tried to get help from a professional and it didn't work go to a different one and try talking to a therapist if you don't have anyone to talk to or find a trusted friend or family member and honestly if you don't help yourself or trust yourself to not do something bad how can someone help and trust you? sorry if i wasn't much help but like i said your description was very vague. maybe elaborate more and maybe others or myself could help you more. good luck and wish you all the best.