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what’s the point?

posted by Anonymous on 04 March, 2021

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does anyone else just wonder what the bloody point of it all is? there are nearly 8 billion people on this earth. i’m in a medical profession helping people, but there’s thousands upon thousands (probably millions) of people world wide who do what i do, so do i really make any difference in the world? is there really any point in me being here? hardly anyone would even notice i was gone. and even if i stayed - it’s all just nothing. it’s all meaningless in the end. the roller coaster is the emotions you have to deal with along the way, but the events themselves that happen are essentially pointless. so i come here to share and vent because i have no-one in my life that i can actually talk like this to. it has to be all rainbows fluffy kittens. i feel so defeated. there really just doesn’t seem to be any point anymore - at least not for me.

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dear anon, thank you for your work and remember that you're only human. when you're in a career thats focusing on taking care of others, imagine like you're carrying other's weight along with yours. so you need some extra lovin and extra care! i really hope you find that and till then, sending bear hugs ^^