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im new here but i need help with my parents

posted by 👍3 💡2 Friendly Violet Woodpecker on 18 June, 2018

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i went through some trouble a few years ago and i kind of internalized some sort of resentment towards my parents. it was father's day yesterday and i didn't even call home and i feel awful about it.

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💡2 Majestic Neon Orchid ● 25 June, 2018 ⚓︎

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if you're still reading this, i went through a lot of trouble with one of my parents and to this day i refuse to even talk to them. the key thing here is to understand why you resent them - what happened to make you think like that. once you've done that see if you can justify it, if you can then no need to feel awful, if you can't then say hi and see where it ends up.