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posted by Anonymous on 20 November, 2022

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i am a virgin at 31 (m) for reasons of shyness and anxiety. i have come to believe it is hopeless for me. i have also never had a paying job. feel like a failure. my parents say they are proud of me but i have a hard time believing them.

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Lit Speckled Cherry ● 13 December, 2022 ⚓︎

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an unpaid worker: that's definitely difficult to answer. actually, the real issue would be your own sense of achievement and capability. choose some endeavor like volunteering or fiction writing or self-publishing or blogging that makes you feel capable. the money could come later when you have more confidence.

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Anonymous ● 25 December, 2022 ⚓︎

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you are in control of your life, if you aren’t where you want to be then you can change your future. your parents are proud but you can want more. you are not a failure. nothing is hopeless, you are worthy and deserving. start small, work on dealing with your anxiety. remember you will need to try and that amazing things don’t come easy. don’t give up! age is just a number, everyone is different, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. focus on yourself and what you want in a job. you got this.