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i wish i was somebody else

posted by 💡2 Unique Silver Bream on 05 January, 2020

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i hate myself so much. every single part of me. i hate how i look and i hate my personality. nothing has ever felt right for me. regardless of how hard i try, nothing changes, nothing ever gets better and, honestly, im sick of it. im sick of everything and, most of all, im sick of myself. i feel so stupid, so disgusting, so wrong and worthless. i dont feel love, i dont feel loved. hell, at this point i can barely feel... anything. i tried taking meds, seeing a therapist, i tried meditating, i tried socializing more, i tried everything. didnt work out. im so tired, i just wanna die.

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Anonymous ● 11 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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hello, what you wrote hits home with me too. very hard and critical on yourself. you have tried a few things but maybe they are not the crux that is causing you to feel so bad. how you feel about everything about yourself, from your appearance to your personality sounds very all encompassing. you literally need an entire change of mindset to change your experience of the world. the world is mirroring back to you how you feel inside already. you can various things but carrying around the critical thoughts ultimately colours your experience of socialising , meditating , therapy. and sometime it is more time and patience , a deeper connection to these things or an other activities that will do it for you. you can dabble in things superficially but ultimately if you don't feel a connection and positive influence from it , it is hard for it to change you