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i wish i was somebody else

posted by 💡2 Unique Silver Bream on 05 January, 2020

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i hate myself so much. every single part of me. i hate how i look and i hate my personality. nothing has ever felt right for me. regardless of how hard i try, nothing changes, nothing ever gets better and, honestly, im sick of it. im sick of everything and, most of all, im sick of myself. i feel so stupid, so disgusting, so wrong and worthless. i dont feel love, i dont feel loved. hell, at this point i can barely feel... anything. i tried taking meds, seeing a therapist, i tried meditating, i tried socializing more, i tried everything. didnt work out. im so tired, i just wanna die.

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💡2 Sweet Psychedelic Sloth ● 11 January, 2020 ⚓︎

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please know that every person and living thing makes an impact on life. even if you do not realize it, you have positively impacted someones life in some way. by you reaching out this way, you've become important to me and i really hope that you find the happiness you are searching for. there are dark times in our life, and sometimes those dark periods last for a long time... but that does not mean you will forever be in the dark. you matter. you make an impact. im so sorry you are feeling the way you are, and i feel for you.