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wanting it all to end

posted by Anonymous on 16 June, 2020

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i'm currently a senior in high school and i have no clue as to what i want to do after graduation.i have no talent, passion, dreams, or aspirations. which means that im worthless. i've been feeling this way for years but now im about at my breaking point. what's the point in living if you have no future? i'm not smart, pretty or talented. so im lackluster in every category. i just really want to kill myself. im tired of thinking. i'm tired of breathing. i'm tired of feeling.

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Cheery Orange Lilac ● 30 June, 2020 ⚓︎

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please don't kill yourself. i'm praying this did not reach you too late or that it even reaches you but please do not kill yourself. it's okay to lack direction. i just graduated last month and i'm just about the same. i had no direction and had a garbage gpa every year of highschool. all of my friends had dreams to be film directors and surgeons, and ultimately i had nothing. i didnt think i would have anything and figured i would just end up working a dead end job all my life. however, just before the beginning of senior year, i found that i really enjoyed cooking. i didn't think i would enjoy it nearly as much as i did and i hadn't really thought about turning it into a career, but now i aspire to own a restaurant. it wasn't too late for me and i promise it isn't too late for you. you'll find something you enjoy if you search for it. life isn't over after highschool, there'll be more opportunities, so please don't cut it off now.