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told my parents i'm having sex

posted by 💡3 Choice Glass Elk on 25 April, 2019

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i told my parents i'm having sex and they seemed okay with it, my family is decently open about sexual topics, but then i told my boyfriend that my parents know and he freaked out. he said "he's annoyed" and honestly i don't know what to tell him. i don't enjoy lying to my parents for extended periods of time and if i asked my boyfriend before hand whether i should tell them he would've said no and then i would've had to continue lying to them. how do i help him understand it's not that big of a deal and to not start a big argument over it?

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Anonymous ● 26 April, 2019 ⚓︎

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if you and your parents have a good relationship and are okay sharing these things, great! asking your boyfriend first is a good thing you're right, but if lying to your parents is a dealbreaker for you it is simply something you have to do. don't compromise your own morals for no reason. communication is key. talk to him about why he's uncomfortable and if there is something you can do to put his insecurities at ease. safe sex is a normal, healthy thing. no point being ashamed of it