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7cups/blahtherapy experiences

posted by Anonymous on 18 August, 2020

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hey there, hope today's treating you well, ^^ [brief sui/suicide bait warning] also, i just finished a session with a listener on 7cups, and honestly, it was so disappointing to be flirted with, not even be listened to, asked where i am from, how long i am/was a 7cups listener, then have him completely stop without even addressing how i am feeling, with some apologies, though his actions didn't match up, and he judged my friend, then gave me advice, and... that was truly underwhelming. i used to do blahtherapy then totally stopped after being suicide baited twice, as well as having to try to prevent someone from killing themselves, then found 7cups and usually its... just... not... good... i feel like i've had poor luck, even on mellowtalk, as one of the listeners basically was like me too, and using the upside-down/smiley and i felt it was passive-aggressive, and i wasn't even heard, basically, i think i'm just saying, it would be nice to just have a listener be gentle, interested, validating, easygoing, fair, and above all, try to be empathetic without giving you advice unless asked or judged in any way... thank you to anyone who read this n' listened, i appreciate it, ^^ tl;dr: i've had some poor experiences on this site, blahtherapy, and 7cups, though, i hope to have a good listener online one day, n' thank you for your listening,

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Anonymous ● 19 August, 2020 ⚓︎

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thank you for your sympathy, i appreciate it, i hear where you are coming from and i feel that i have experienced the same... though, thank you for the listeners' tip for 7cups, as well as trying to see their descriptions, and for your thoughtfulness, and wanting to listen, i appreciate it, and of course, i find this site to be nice, and comforting too, i do wish it got more positive attention as well, and thank you for wishing me the best of luck, i wish the same for you, and thank you for welcoming me to talk about anything here too, <3