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what do you do to start caring about yourself again?

posted by Anonymous on 22 March, 2021

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i cant see any reason to change , time to time i have a glimpse of motivation and hope to make changes but then it goes and i continue on my days off from work , i just ''waste away my days' and self neglect. i dont shower, lie around all day or use low level entertainment ; and eat junk . its like an addictive cycle of not caring for self and going for sleep , junk food, netflix/computergames/ youtube. the junk food is very addictive . and lying in bed im sure im gaining weight fast , but my mood. i just cant see a real reason to change for myself there must be something deep down as to why i have tendencies to self neglect but this is the longest i have been like this and i am feeling like there is no future life or hopes for me. (im older and have not improved in mental health or wellbeing in the last ten years) i have no relationships again and just hate being older and not having built anything good out of my life any wisdom or hope or insight into why i am like this? many thanks

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👍3 💡46 Gentle Polychromatic Bear ● 30 March, 2021 ⚓︎

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hey there anon, im sorry that you feel so. i can see where you're coming from and to admit, ive been through similar stuff recently. the spark of motivation has been so short-lived, im constantly chasing those little doses of serotonin on various social media / food. for me, having an accountability partner does help me into doing some chores around the house or be it working out. in my opinion, the pandemic and the following lifestyle changes we have to abide, has driven many of us to this. and one of the qays to catch up to it is to have some interaction with family/ friends to have that bit of routine in our day. you can try meeting new people / new motivated groups online who can help you out. my only suggestion would be to be mindful of the group per se, in terms of productivity and the online safety. if you arent into this whole thing, you can go for giving yourself written to-do lists, unsubscribing to the content which doesnt help but put you into long cycles of continuous videos, getting some offline/ online games to play. all these only work when you want yourself to get better though. you owe yourself that. @not having built anything good of my life.. you can do it now. its within your reach. you dont need to move mountains and stuff, friend. you can start small. just making your bed, tidying yourself up, cooking some good food are the start. you are making goodness in your innermost circle and then you can move to a bigger one! i would suggest talking to an online therapist too. getting help lets you move on for better. would you take care of yourself today and get all dapper for us? :) sending bear hugs and good vibes~

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Steady Glowing Chough ● 09 April, 2021 ⚓︎

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its okay ive been through it. there is usually a person who makes you feel like you dont matter. i pushed him out of my life and then i could focus on myself again.