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the useless me

posted by Anonymous on 06 January, 2020

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my parent thinks i'm useless and i know that already but it hurts so bad. i just think its better for me to not exists. i have everything pent up inside and i know it's not good but what can i do. i'll never be good enough. not for myself, not for parents nor for anyone. i am not brave enough to end this but i am so tired of felling bad about everything. i just want everything to end

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💡4 Lovely Indigo Rhinoceros ● 07 January, 2020 ⚓︎

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why do you think this? is it because you do not have a job? because you don't get good grades? because you don't help around the house enough? these are all actions you could change. i don't think you're useless. every human has the power to do something. don't give up. i've felt like this many times. if you truly think and know that your parents think your useless then maybe they don't have the right idea about you. you're worth something, i promise.