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uncalled for

posted by Anonymous on 04 April, 2021

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what kind of a mother goes lashing out at her grown child saying bring your ass outside now i'm like seriously in front of my house with my husband this has gotten outta hand and i'm fed up with it considering the fact that i made the decision to stay up north when i just recently started my new two months making good money which is great but for my mom who i thought would've been proud of me she's not happy about it, all because i refused to move with her down south i stood up to her and said no i'm not moving with you down south especially dealing with your crazy peoples so she came up north to get back at me which i really don't care because you can't a grown child what to do at all there's nothing down south that i find interesting at all the jobs down there are very much slim so why would i take that choice in moving down there when there's really nothing at all

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Anonymous ● 11 April, 2021 ⚓︎

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oh jeez