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posted by 👍1 💡1 Very Silken Corn on 13 October, 2022

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when i finished my first semester of seventh grade i met a guy who i deemed to be nice and chill. he was 14 and i was 12. and he and i saw each other in the hallways and in our classes when we hadn't. we even realized that we had the same friends and ate lunch together often and would sit next to each other.. but after a month or two i had begun to develop feelings for him and he had let me know that he had a polyamorous relationship with two other men (i'm fine with that i'm bi). and of course i was happy for him as a friend would be. but i think he might've found out that i liked him somehow, even though none of my friends knew, and i wasn't obvious about it.. anyway, he had begun to start to play with my hair and poke me and such, which i'm fine with because i'd do that to all my friends as well and thought it to be endearing.. after a few months he had begun to start touching my thighs and poking my breasts. which was a little much but becuase i was so young, i hadn't known any better, and thought it was a good thing. cuz ya know, i liked him. and once he had kissed me on the cheek and i'm sure i flushed. but then he had also began to slap my ass and other things like that. and now i had begun to feel rlly uncomfy. like a guy that i'd known for four months shouldn't be doing this. he would often talk about rubbing my thighs or other vaguely sexual things. but he would treat me like crap and then would act like he didn't do anything. i thinked he moved becuase after the last day of 7th grade i didn't see him in the halls. he did all of this and had boyfriends. now i'm in my freshman year of highschool. and when i walk throught the halls, i see a guy who looks a lot like him. like everytime i see him i have a panic attack and worrying about if it's really him or not keeps me up at night. i see him three times a day and even though i'm through the first half of the first semester, it still gets me everytime, and i can't change my walking schedule or i'll be late to my classes. it's not as serious as other accounts on here... ut i just need some help to find a way to get over it, or make the axiety worse?

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👍1 💡1 Very Silken Corn ● 20 October, 2022 ⚓︎

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