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boy shit

posted by Anonymous on 02 November, 2021

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well, i’m really depressed at the moment because nobody seems to want or like me and every time i like someone they would reject me and people have made it loud and clear they want nothing to do with me, but i keep replaying old conversations and events wishing the outcome was different. i know i can’t change the past. it’s just hard coming to terms with everything. i want to put it all behind me, but it’s just so hard. i just hate being rejected …one by one...one after another… telling me they never wanted or liked me or ever will have any feelings towards me or worst telling me to go fucking kill myself since nobody wants or likes me....who do i like now so there wouldn’t be any drama since i honest to god i don’t want any madness or chaos and how do i move on from the past and put it all behind me? how do i suppressed feelings and thoughts until they become nothingness? how come nobody wants or likes me? why did god make me so ugly and unlovable that nobody would want or like me? how come nobody cares or would even bother to help me...i'm in tears.

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Anonymous ● 05 November, 2021 ⚓︎

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you are looking for validation from other people. rejection does not mean that you are ugly. hang out with your friends and family to feel better