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chose that individual

posted by Anonymous on 27 November, 2020

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you made the choice to be in a relationship with that person difficult part about that is you have to live with especially if you got kids with them but if not you’re free to walk away

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Anonymous ● 30 November, 2020 ⚓︎

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you are free to make the little choices for yourself to preserve your dignity and self-respect . life changes and relationships can change for the better or worse. you sound like you acknowledge your own accountability in your choices , although it seems that you feel less power in the situation regarding the tie up with kids. yes the kids are half your responsibility , in which ever way you can support them to grow up. it will pay back in the end with the love and future you will enjoy with them in the future. with the partner however, they are no longer loving , or committed , you will have to make the conscious choice to try as best ass you can to preserve a good situation for the sake of the children. value yourself and that your life is important too if the partner doesnt value you, don't feel obliged to stay with them . it will take maturity and a lot of healthy communication to move on from the relationship into a co-parenting situation , if the person is no longer making the choice to be with you in the right way you deserve to be with the right person, first you have to be right to yourself much love , sending it out to you