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difficult day

posted by Anonymous on 28 June, 2022

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yesterday was a bit of tough day it was first year of my dad’s passing it still feels difficult to understand that’s he’s no longer alive. i miss him so much not having my dad in my life anymore is emotional pain to deal with. i remember my mom telling of what he told her stating don’t let me be a burden on my family and she would say to him you are not a burden, but he always felt he was which he wasn’t, considering the reality that he was sick. but i will always and forever be thankful for spending time with my dad it just hurts that he’s gone

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Anonymous ● 12 July, 2022 ⚓︎

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good morning. i was just sitting here working and began to think about you and your father. first off, happy birthday to him. what did you all used to do for his birthday to celebrate him? second off with a sincere heart, i say this, i can't begin to imagine that unfillable void. what do you think he would have wanted to do with you for his 63rd birthday? i know i'm asking a few questions here, i just wonder....what was your dad like? who was he to celebrate? my father said there are still days he goes to pick up the phone to call my grandfather, he passed many years ago.