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im a straight guy but i slept with my guy best friend…

posted by 💡2 Very Rainbow Blackberry on 09 February, 2022

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me and jackson (my best friend) have been friends since 1st grade and now we're about to graduate high school, if you compare him to me he is more masculine than me and i'm act softer and more sensitive. but last week i was at his house while his parents were away since it was a weekend. we were playing video games like we usually would but when i walked in the door he looked at me weird. not in a bad way like in a really good way, but like i was saying, we were playing video games and i was kinda bored so i scrolled through my phone on his bed. but i went to walk downstairs to grab a drink and he grabbed my hand. before i could even look back he was already kissing me. and then we made out. he said he had wanted to do that since we met. anyway he threw me on the bed and then we had sex. last night he said he really enjoyed it and he asked if we could hang out more. i'm straight but i liked it and i want to do it again with him. i think it was his size because it was bigger than what i thought it would be but and how it felt inside me but i think i like him.. and just last night i had a dream of me as an adult and i walked in the kitchen and i had a husband and it was him and we had kids. i don't know what to do pls help.

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Anonymous ● 09 February, 2022 ⚓︎

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you could also keep doing it with him to see how he reacts