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emotional birthday

posted by Anonymous on 17 January, 2021

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i’m turning 30 on tuesday and i’m trying come to terms with i should be excited for my birthday but i’m not really i never thought it would come so quickly it’s like whoa that came too fast i get that we have to mature but i just wasn’t expecting that to happen i need advice somebody give me some positivity thank you

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Anonymous ● 18 January, 2021 ⚓︎

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to begin - 30 is very young. you have a long life ahead of you. thirty is great because you are truly an adult, know yourself better than you ever have, and you can make all your own excellent decisions. it's an important and wonderful age, if you stop applying some artificial judgment to it. there's nothing bad about being thirty! the world is wide open for you. make the most of it! and happy birthday.