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just discovered my spouse is cheating

posted by 💡1 Gentle Silky Llama on 06 September, 2022

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married 15 years, 4 kids. thought we were happy. not sure how to confront him. i really want to save our family but i'm scared he doesn't.

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Anonymous ● 15 September, 2022 ⚓︎

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i am so sorry. that really sucks. well you could confront him by catching him red handed like catch him while he's out and about with the other girl or hire a personal investigator to follow him then and provide him with evidence of his unfaithfulness. tell him you'll do anything to save this marriage like take pole dancing if he's been known to go there a lot. just try to keep calm and not make a scene. if you feel the need to lash out at him have the kids stay at a friends house and then go at it. i hope things work out for you and i hope you can work on this marriage like maybe try couples therapy if it helps. good luck and hope i helped.