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still depressed and need advice

posted by 💡10 Sound Silky Rose on 25 September, 2019

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i posted a few days ago and even after getting better my situation at home got even worse, so i was about to commit suicide. i later started to open up to my closest friend who also had depression, and we both knew about it. i asked them if they would like to discuss our depressed lives and they agreed. so i've been texting them to get my feelings up, but recently i noticed that when my depression started making me think of suicidal thoughts, i no longer had a sweet tooth. i had a really sweet tooth in middle school but in between i lost it and don't have it now in high school. i drink more bitter or slightly sweetened tea than juice and if i eat maybe a sugar cookie or a cinamon bun covered in melted sugar, i wouldn't be able to eat it without getting sick of the sweetness. is this due to be being depressed or just growing up?

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