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i want justice.

posted by Anonymous on 11 July, 2020

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i witnessed a group of young people set their friend up to get sacrificed. they kept talking about how they were going to be famous and rich for a year and threatening me. they had me locked up in jail and then he died. they told the prosecutor i was harassing them when i have proof they were whorshiping the devil. they were doing one eye hand symbols and holding up their friends with masonic checker boards. i was approached by some of the weird people in their cult about becoming rich and famous. i was called a criminal, extradited, and then the judge and prosecutor hid the case and the arrest. i looked into the famous youtube guy they tried to set me up with and his dad died the same day the guy was sacrificed. in fact, multiple people died on the day he was sacrificed and they were trying to force me to go down there with them. i dont trust the police because theyre involved. i am havin suicidal thoughts. all the people who killed him have aged badly and look old asf. they went about their lives like they did nothing. all of them. they told me to move on to like i wasn’t abused during the process. idc about money or fame. i never wanted to be apart of it. im having nightmares again. i hate myself.

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Anonymous ● 11 July, 2020 ⚓︎

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i meant holding up their phones