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sad and angry

posted by Anonymous on 27 June, 2021

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the last 24 hours has been difficult for me to accept my dad unexpectedly passed on this morning and i just couldn’t not wrap myself around it at all. he had been experiencing chest pains during a few days one minute he was okay the next he wasn’t feeling well took him to emergency room did test results came back good, he was good spirits and then get the phone call that nobody wants to get from the hospital it was the doctors informing us that they had did code blue on him the third time and my family got there he departed, i just couldn’t believe and still can’t believe it, i know that he wouldn’t want me to remember him the way he passed on he would want me to be strong

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Anonymous ● 29 June, 2021 ⚓︎

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anger and sadness are natural when you lose someone close. you should take the time to grieve your loss. thinking of the good times you had with him, and the lessons he passed on, would be what he would want you to remember