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failing in life

posted by 💡15 Festive Brown Moose on 03 June, 2022

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i feel like a failure im supposed to be graduating this year but i’m not all my peers are i have no friends im honestly considering ending it because my future has nothing

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Anonymous ● 20 June, 2022 ⚓︎

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it sounds like you're going through some heavy emotional distress which i'm sure is extremally uncomfortable and upsetting. you've noted a few things which make you unhappy which is insightful: that you're not meeting the goals you set for yourself and that you don't have friends to help you through this time. however, those two things don't have to be forever. it is very possible for you to reframe what makes you happy and satisfied in yourself and to find new people who can understand and support you. please, please, talk to someone about this. there is more to life for you and it would be a shame to give up on it so early. come back here any time and we'll be here to listen.