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failing in life

posted by 💡15 Festive Brown Moose on 03 June, 2022

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i feel like a failure im supposed to be graduating this year but i’m not all my peers are i have no friends im honestly considering ending it because my future has nothing

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Anonymous ● 04 July, 2022 ⚓︎

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first of all, you're not a failure. stop thinking that you are! so you messed up and aren't going to graduate this year well, better luck next year...take summer classes, and developed good study habits to keep your grades up. please don't take your life over something like school. your life is precious and sure we all make mistakes thats part of being human, so dont worry if you make a big or small one...you're only human! just work more harder to prove those wrong about you....those who told you were nothing, but a failure...dont you want to shove that diploma up their shitty asses? find out what motivates you and keep you going and work for that diploma no matter what. sorry, i wasn't much help, but please don't end your life. things would get better i promise. good luck and hope i helped. bye.