insight forum rules and etiquette

thanks everyone for taking the time to read the rules. in the interest of creating an open and welcoming community, we reserve the right to remove and/or ban anybody who violates these guidelines. luckily, the rules are pretty straightforward and can be found here. we'd also like to give a reminder of the most important points:

any of the following will result in a ban and removal of the post

we also employ a rule which states that post titles and content must be specific and actionable. that way all the kind people looking to help can do so without confusion or too much additional clarification. breaking this rule will also result in removal of the post.

we from MellowTalk just want to reiterate that the purpose of leaving insights is to assist in some way the original poster. luckily, the same principals that we recommend for chatting can be applied to the forum we've left them here for reference.