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🎂 28 June, 2018

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my ocd has been acting up and ive noticed ive been pulling my hair more than usual
28 June, 2018
⚓︎ yes, there are a lot of people around the world who do the same. let me make something clear, this is not okay. if something makes you harm yourself, it's not worth holding on to. plucking your hair takes away the bouts of anxiety from you momentarily. but you have to think about the long term effects. get some help asap! you have a long life ahead of you :*

im going to break up with my girlfriend tomorrow
28 June, 2018
⚓︎ keep yourself as your first priority. congratulations for being brave enough to take this huge step. i can't even imagine how hard it is gonna be. but take care of her too okay? if she's refusing medicinal help, the breakup is gonna badly impact her. lots of love, from the comfy emu!

how to know if you're ugly
28 June, 2018
⚓︎ beauty is a socially and culturally constructed notion. people considered as beautiful in your region maybe called as ugly in some other region. so fuck the society and culture. it's about you and what you think you are. be confident and accept your self. you will feel that you are beautiful. also, the beauty that's radiating from you, will make others beautiful too. be kind to yourself, my fellow human!

i feel like crap all the time and i don't know why
28 June, 2018
⚓︎ it's okay to feel this way. the key matter to hold on to is that bad days and shitty feelings is gonna pass. sometimes, i also go through days like this. it's gonna be over soon. you are an amazing human being and you deserve the best.