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🎂 16 September, 2019

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not sure what to title this
26 May, 2020
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anxiety and depression
26 November, 2019
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things keep getting worse at home...
09 October, 2019
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every aspect of my life is falling apart.
16 September, 2019
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happy vent! :0
16 September, 2019
⚓︎ im so glad that you took the steps to recovery. i read all your posts and was really worried because i was in the same boat not that long ago and its not a good place to be. i used to cut almost every day and after about 3 years of it they started to get so deep that i would get lightheaded and dizzy from blood loss. i havent cut since february which i think is like 7 months ago wow but it was very very hard for me to get the recovery and honestly i didnt stop carrying a blade with me until about 2 1/2 months ago like it took me so long to finally let go of self harm and im so happy now that i finally did :) i hope that you keep going and dont relapse and if you feel any temptation to cut you can come to me or honestly anyone on this website for help :))