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🎂 07 July, 2019

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grief, i can’t move on
07 July, 2019
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07 July, 2019
⚓︎ it is very hard being a teenager and i can’t imagine how you feel. please try some activities outside of the class room at school or even in your community. you will be amazed at how many people your age are going through the same thing. i raised four kids and been through a lot with them all. i am here if you want to talk.

when u have nothing
07 July, 2019
⚓︎ relationships and friends are just a small part of life. when one is happy and comfortable being alone that’s when you will find the perfect friends. a relationship isn’t important to survive but it usually we cross your path when you are busy being happy with being single.

cheat in peace
07 July, 2019
⚓︎ i have never heard this saying? no one should ever cheat, they should leave the relationship.

your own universe?
07 July, 2019
⚓︎ i understand. sometimes i can sit around a campfire with some many people but feel so alone. like i could get up and walk away and no one would notice. is that what you mean?

i am done
07 July, 2019
⚓︎ i have the same feelings sometimes but trust me, there are people in your life that will be so unhappy and very sad to see you gone. do you have family?