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🎂 10 July, 2021

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how do i make someone fall for me even with a curse?
11 July, 2021
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checking in
11 July, 2021
⚓︎ im sure we are. im new here by the way.

like or not
11 July, 2021
⚓︎ it never is...who said that? if he is being rude and insults her that means he knows about her crush on him but he doesnt feel the same. simple as that.

11 July, 2021
⚓︎ please dont think you're alone in struggles. everyone is going thru a struggle just others are better at hiding it. if you are ashamed about getting help go to the next town over and get help...seek a therapist and talk your feelings out. i think whatever happened to you in the past is haunting you and maybe by telling someone about it might make you free from it. good luck and i hope you all the best. i really hope you get the help you want. please dont end your life. make a list of things you are grateful for and read it every day when you feel suicidal to motivate you to keep going. hope that helps. sorry i know for such a late reply but im new here. hope you can make friends on here who are willing to listen when you talk. all the best and hope you are doing and feeling better.

in love with my best friend
11 July, 2021
⚓︎ been there, done that. i've always been loud about my feelings and eventually always get hurt. i would suggest what others have told you to wait until she isnt venting about her life and stuff then tell her how you feel. i mean sometimes you mistake friendship as feelings of something more and the other person doesnt feel anything but just friends. i hope thats not your case. you seem like you really care about her and want to make things work so i would take things slow and not rush into things. if you cant tell her than write her a note but its best to do it in person. hope you all the best and please update on how things went. sorry i know late reply, but im new here.

feeling lost and alone
11 July, 2021
⚓︎ i know how you feel. i think you should write a list of reasons why its great to be single and focus on that when you feel alone. you should motivate yourself to get out there and do stuff. meeting new people and making friends is scary sometimes but you can just ask for advice first like if you are in a grocery store ask what is the best way to cook something and start a conversation and ask for a recipe go from there. hopefully you can make friends here and have an online friendship and it could motivate you to keep going. sorry for late reply i'm new here. hope it helps.

10 July, 2021
⚓︎ we've all make mistakes and sometime heart those we love. if it bothers you so much talk to him about it. sometimes we do or say things that could hurt those we love. i hope you can resolve this issue with him and best of luck to you. sorry for such a late reply i am new here.

10 July, 2021
⚓︎ i"m sorry you had to deal with that. i hope things work out for you here and you make some new friends who are willing to listen when you talk. i hope you werent trolling and wasting people time which cause you to be banned. we all have struggles so dont feel like you're alone. its just some of us are very good bullshitters that you cant see thru the lie. i hope you all the best and hope you are feeling better now. i hope you are more trusting. sorry for late reply. i am new here.

emotional birthday
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ happy belated birthday! hope you're feeling better now that you're thirty and honestly, thirty isn't a bad age. life goes by very fast and every day is challenging with new thoughts and ideas. you should keep a journal about what motivates you and how thank you are for each day like positive that happens like i'm grateful for today because... and list your ideas. hope that helps. sorry for late reply i'm new here.

10 July, 2021
⚓︎ hello i'm new today and i still dont know how it works, but there are rules and regulations you can find on the home page. hope that helps. sorry for the late reply. again, im new here.

haven't heard from best online friend since june
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ sorry but it seems like he lost interest in you and doesnt want to continue the friendship...you seem to reach out that you want to continue but him ghosting makes it seem like he doesnt want to remind friends. i dont know. maybe he might be so busy with school and work that he doesnt have time to reply, but who knows maybe call him up and ask him. hope i helped sorry for lateness i am new here.

wet dreams
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ i dont think its weird at all. its normal to fantasize about a crush and have dreams about a crush or even a burning desire to have sex with him, but how you act on it is completely different like if you actually had sex with him and hes just your crush some might think its slutty. if you like the guy just tell him you think he's cute and like him and ask if you two can hang out sometime, but make sure hes available as in single not taken before doing so. good luck and sorry for such a late reply. i'm new here.

depression for life?
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ i'm sorry you're having a struggle but everyone else is too. its just others are easier at hiding it. i suggest you go to a therapist and talk about your feelings. it seems you have some kind of trauma that is causing you to think that way. maybe medicine would help. good luck and hope you all the best. sorry for such a late reply. i'm new here.

attempts for peace
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ i think maybe he wants to be an adult about it and like make amends for his action, so dont think its a poor excuse. hes reaching out i think maybe because he wants to be there in his daughters life and work things out with you...you guys might not be together, but there is a child involve and the child should have both parents in their lives. i hope you reconsider and make peace with him and try to work things out. best of luck to you. sorry if this is late, but hope everything works out.

no one else to tell.....
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ i'm so sorry you had to deal with that, but maybe you should be grateful that hes dead now so you no longer see him and dont need to hide anymore. if it bothers you so much maybe you should go to a therapist and talk it out. it seems like you have all these suppressed feelings that you want out but cant quiet get it out to anyone so i suggest going to a therapist. hope i helped sorry i know its very late, but still. hope you feel better.

still feeling guilt
10 July, 2021
⚓︎ maybe things are better left unsaid...the boy doesn't seem interested in you and so you shouldn't chase after him, but you writing him the note was probably to get out suppressed feelings and if you think it would help than maybe give it to him? honestly, i wouldnt because the way you write makes it seem like he is clear on his answer that hes not interested. sorry. hope you all the best and hopefully, someone else worth chasing would chase after you. i know this was back in march, but i just started out so yeah...hope i helped you!