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🎂 28 August, 2020

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trying to cope with types of abuse at home? (tw: text-heavy, parental/relationship abuse)
28 August, 2020
⚓︎ hi, first all of all, i appreciate your bravery and strong will to overcome this situation and seek out help. *hug*. this is such a traumatic experience for anyone to experience, let alone cope with this as a norm. i think its best you keep to yourself, avoiding as much as interaction as possible from your parents, as is seems they act as triggers for you. try to plan your future and actively work towards it, as it may help you when you are feeling down or hopeless. maybe put it in your room where you may see, or if there is no privacy make it your screen saver on phone. if your mother is willing to separate for the time being, maybe you both can work towards leaving the house ( after that issue that prevents you from earning more is resolved). take time everyday to reset your mind in the morning or night so your are focused on the future, if you are feeling low, don't give yourself more than 2 or 3 days to feel so. its important to understand that though your life is restricted by your parents, and you are unable to express your emotions and thoughts, this is not permanent :') please do things you enjoy, or indulge in activities that give joy, so you have something else to give joy. i may not have given any useful information, but you have my heartfelt prayer that the situation you are in will change for the better. if you wish to have a penpal or someone to talk to, please do so.