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🎂 05 May, 2020

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listeners are here for you
05 May, 2020
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listeners are here for you
06 May, 2020
⚓︎ thanks ben, appreciated. i think what i wrote many other listeners feel a simular way. i think sometimes talkers need to hear and know that they are valued and cared for.

things can change
05 May, 2020
⚓︎ the one thing you should remember also is that you are wasting no ones time here, allot of what you wrote means something to others, allot of us cam relate directly to your experience and its incredible you have pulled through and seen the light. we all make some mistakes in life but like you say we are human. although certain situations force us apart, it is not always a terrible thing to be away, in your case you were able to seperate your self to see the light from the dark, you saw that previous actions had negative effects on yourself and others, you have recognised this and acted accordingly, which may i add, allot of people unfortunatly are unable to do. so well done that in its self is an amazing step. i think you may have hit the nail on the head for so many people going through the same if not simular situations and im very sure it will support them in the same way it has you. thank you for sharing your experience and explaining how you managed to support your self for the better and come through the other side. thank you and well done keep up what your doing, it is obviously making a difference in your life!

how to cope
05 May, 2020
⚓︎ hello, the main point you need to remember is what you wrote about positivity obviously helped allot of people, whether that be directly or indrectly. i completely understand that it has made you feel this way, however you just need to keep in mind the support you have provided other people. yes you may have made a typo, but no one mentioned it and you corrected in time. that in it self is great! you should never feel embarrassed on what you did lots of people even the best writters in the world make those very mistakes, its okay and all you got from your piece was not hate....but like the piece you wrote...positivity!! i see some people recommending ways to help you sleep and remedies to support it. thats all great advise in its own way, but also try to support your mind first...try your best not to dwell on a mistake that did not directly affect anyone, you should be feeling proud and happy that not only has your piece gained so much attention but undoubtably supported so many people out there! try to think about the happiness you have brought others, about how it has helped so many with no bad coming from it. think about the possive and then try to do some breathing exercises. there are many tutorials which can support the relaxation of your mind, once your in that safe space of mind hopefully this will support you in sleeping a little easier. the feelings you experience wont always dissapear over night it may take sometime but in due course it will get easier, it will, and never forget what greatness came from the piece you wrote. well done!!