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🎂 03 May, 2022

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i want to be pretty so badly
06 May, 2022
⚓︎ have a healthy juice drink like guava juice or orange juice. eating natural foods really just make you feel good. it's healthy;;; it's a pleasure.

whats done is done
06 May, 2022
⚓︎ ask a friend who you know;;; is from the postal office/// or has a delivery job;;; to also/// like;;; send a message to her;;;

all they do is cause me pain...
04 May, 2022
⚓︎ why;;; when it comes to guys;;; relationships really/// you know you should invest in a relationship;;; it's one thing to not be formal with guys;;; also/// you must be;;; like,,, you must know;;; that it's like crossing a line or a divide of gender;;; so if there's a guy you like;;; this guy is/// someone you invest in;;; like you know;;; you give half of your heart to that guy/// for real.

how do i find a date
03 May, 2022
⚓︎ umm;;; if you wanna find a date/// enroll in an online coaching program or self-help newsletter//// to help you become more confident;; just follow the advice;; it's really going to tell you something along the lines of take a class somewhere;; pick up a new hobby/// meet new friends;;; while you're really trying to feel better, like, enough, to go and date someone.

nothing i do is enough
03 May, 2022
⚓︎ i think that's a sign that you should join a sports club for socializing and stuff;;; you should get active;;; join a jogging group or something;;

diffcult in coming to terms with being 31
03 May, 2022
⚓︎ why;; 30s could just be the beginning of adulthood for some;;; in real life/// being 20-something really makes you look like a vlogger with makeup hauls and mukbangs. why;;; you could admit that you're old enough to manage your own house;; if you're in your 30s

telling who what they should eat and shouldn’t
03 May, 2022
⚓︎ why/// it's really time to start ''eating out'';;; go eat out by yourself/// don't try to order take out then hide in your room;;; you should go to a restaurant and have a meal by yourself;;

punched my mom’s boyfriend
03 May, 2022
⚓︎ why/// i understand;;; you should actually enroll in something like a hobby, job, social club to distract yourself from interfering with your mom and her relationships; why/// she is old and grown;;; get involved in a proper social circle/// don't hang around in the house;;; during times of conflict.