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🎂 06 March, 2020

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hello site owner!
08 July, 2020
⚓︎ hi, i also have some problems with my conversations being cut off; thought that would be the internet, but it doesn't happen to me on another site, so it might be an issue. i'm always feeling bad imagining the other person would think i just left, mid-conversation no less. also, not sure if that is only my problem or not, i always have to sign in twice to be actually signed in. every time. i pay attention to the process, knowing the issue, but no matter what, i always have to do it twice to be logged in. this doesn't bother me as much as being cut off, so no worries, just thought i'd add it as we are discussing the tech problems. i love the site, though, what a brilliant idea and what a bunch of amazing people that happen to be here. thank you for keeping it going, the big boss, and all of the fantastic people here as well! much love :*