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🎂 20 May, 2019

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what shud my stand be?
22 May, 2019
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what am i doing wrong?
21 May, 2019
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can this relationship be healed??
20 May, 2019
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cheat relationship
20 May, 2019
⚓︎ i think its just a perception. for example: one may feel that the filthy rich people dont have any problems in life. thas just an assumption. in the same way, its like she is so pretty, who will cheat on her/treat her badly..the guy must thank his lucky stars. however the dynamics of any relationship doesnt work that way. an obnoxious person may get the most loving partner and a saintly person may get an evil one.

troubling marriage
20 May, 2019
⚓︎ if at anytime you want to leave, after trying for a good time, you should leave or go for therapy. more than anything for your mental health