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🎂 23 August, 2019

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i reached my limits..
29 June, 2020
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struggling with anxiety and depression
23 August, 2019
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i reached my limits..
02 July, 2020
⚓︎ heya, first of all, thank you for the kind words. when i said “should i quit for now?” i was referring to this year’s exam, sorry i wasn’t very clear! i started my medication on monday, so far it’s not terrible but there’s a constant headache and dizziness, and the little appetite that i had is completely gone, sleeping schedule is also a mess at the moment, which makes studying and concentration really difficult. in 3 days i studied like 7 pages out of 50. the friend i mentioned has told me to ignore what my family is saying, that going to uni a little later than normal is not a sign of weakness or being less qualified. "there are many chances to go to uni, but you only have one to live," she said. i haven't given up yet, but i'm constantly being pressured with "giving your best is not enough, you have to pass with a decent grade". i am not even positive that i will pass, let alone pass with a decent grade. they're putting me on a pedestral and i'm sick of being compared to numbers and other people that achieved way more than me with my age, i'm tired of hearing "your problem is having too much free time, that's why you create problems where they don't exist" or "today's youth don't know what it really is to suffer " my psychologist knows what’s happening, she was the one telling me to search for a psychiatrist. my classes are over, everyone’s one summer break except for me, we are in a professional school, so we dont take exams, but i want to go to uni, thats why i’m taking one of them this year and the other one next year. quitting for now doesn’t mean i will quit my dream of becoming a psychologist, thats my life goal. i will fight hard to reach it but for now, i think i just need a long break to recharge..if i dont pass this exam, we have a second chance in 7th september, and school starts in 17th of september, so basically i will spend my whole summer break studying? next year will be the hardest one, we have a 5 month intership and really big projects before that, i dont want to start that year completely exausted and out of myself, and mess up the results of my previous years.. i’m so confused and i dont know what would be the right decison… i wish you the best of luck in your goals, you seem like a wonderful and hardworking person, you will achieve great things, have a nice day!