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🎂 09 September, 2019

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listeners are here for you
07 May, 2020
⚓︎ you are doing a great work light sturdy bear. keep it up!

things can change
29 April, 2020
⚓︎ it's a real pleasure for everyone here to know that you have come through a very difficult phase lately but surely. it's so nice to hear that you have realised what was and is important for you, your mental health. we all go through some situations where we know what's right and what's wrong but still we choose the wrong path not intentionally but somehow we are forced by ourselves to follow the wrong one. it's because we fear about "what will .." rather than thinking about "why not.." . but that's so good that you have finally overcome everything and are now much aware about your own well being. wishing you all the luck for the future and be happy and stay blessed. and for everyone who are down and reading this...yes the top line says the right "things can change"!

i always feel like i just hate everyone and everything in this world; even my own self!
18 September, 2019
⚓︎ the major problem you got is that you hate yourself. u have developed a mindset that u are always sad from inside. nd don't say that you don't understand yourself...see you are able to put forward all your worries and feelings only because u understand yourself. u are aware about how your mind functions and that's the best part. also, u get hurt more because you think too much about it... try not giving a fuck to the things that are not fuck-worthy. sit down for a while think how you have been feeling about yourself... filter out the things which really don't matter to you. do believe in yourself. when you will love yourself, when you accept that u understand yourself... you will see the change and then you will even find it easy to connect with people and share your feelings with them. don't give up on yourself... give up on the worries, those things which are not fuck-worthy and those thoughts which make u hate yourself. and remember it's a long process... it will take time but you will get better with every passing second you try loving yourself. 💞

does anyone here lose sleep over their anxiety?
18 September, 2019
⚓︎ the best way to go to sleep is. think of most beautiful thing happened to you that particular day or imagine the things you want to happen the next day. this will even make you positive and you will kick start your day with the right intent, the next day. and all your anxiety will be gone.