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never give up... 2
26 November, 2020
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never give up
14 June, 2020
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happy diwali
14 November, 2020
⚓︎ a very happy diwali to both of you and everyone out here! wishing you all a bright and prosperous diwali... sending greetings to you all!πŸ’«

need you friend
02 November, 2020
⚓︎ thanks for creating a place like this big boy ben;-) we really appreciate your efforts!

need you friend
02 November, 2020
⚓︎ sorry again mate! i forgot to sign in before replying! that anonymous message below/above, i wrote without signing in...

need you friend
30 October, 2020
⚓︎ hi there buddy! actually this site randomly matches a listener and a talker who enter a room simultaneously. and i guess we are in different time zones.. so it's quite difficult to tell... is there any way you could think of.. to sort this out? btw i really hope you are doing well

29 October, 2020
⚓︎ hey daffodil! hope you are doing well. it's so nice to hear how you utilized your time to help and be there for others. you are doing a very kind job. keep up the good workπŸ™Œ as far as the decreasing number of visitors here is concerned, i guess after the initial phase of lockdown people gradually got back to their works and really hope that they all are doing well.

need you friend
29 October, 2020
⚓︎ hi there buddy! i'm sorry for not being able to be present at that particular time. hope you are doing well.

god bless sis
08 July, 2020
⚓︎ hello, i can understand you are going through a tough time rn. actually many of us are going through a bad phase ... there's so much of rush, anxiety, stress and uncertainties all over the place.... but hey, calm down...take a deep breath and first relax a bit.... rn you have so much things to look after...but you should be knowing what to look after...when ...where and how.... your daughter's going to give birth to your grandchild...you have to look after your 10 months old grandchild and you also have to look after you husband....so look after the one which needs the primary care...i know it won't be easy for you to manage...but try to be strong...your sis cares for you all and that's why she is mad at you...but don't worry...things will get better with time and all the misunderstandings will fade away....but it's important for you to hold tight and stand strong and you will get through all these and will be soon spending happy time with your two grandchildren and your family

never give up
19 June, 2020
⚓︎ leaving a tab open and then returning back to the same after a while makes the browser refresh the page to re-establish the connection with the server and it's more likely that the listeners might be busy in some other important stuffs when they get connected to any venter who comes online ..making it difficult for the listener to rejoin the room...and about the notifications one...we can limit the venter request to 1 or 2 per listener....yes it won't be as easy as i'm saying but we can give this feature a try :-) and dear"big boy ben" you already did a great and an amazing thing by creating this site ...the importance of this site can be truly valued by those who came here when they were all sad and low and went back with even a bit of positiveness with some great efforts by the listeners and by all those listeners like us who find them lucky to have got a chance to help or be with someone who is in need and ...we all can't thank you enough ✨ . you have been putting lots of efforts for many out there and i think now you need a team ! a group of people like you who would love to get involved helping others and about that social media thing...i think instagram is the best platform to reach out to more and more people and make them aware of this very amazing platform but at the same time it's important to see that some people who just think of having a random chat or anything like that don't make it difficult for others who come to this site for very genuine reasons.

never give up
18 June, 2020
⚓︎ maybe enabling the listeners to create a custom room over this side can be a solution. like it happens at times that many listeners wait here for too long and give up the wait after not coming across any venter for too long and vice versa....so if listeners are able to login to the site and turn their custom room active and when a venter comes to this site ...they can get connected to the listener without waiting for too long and the listener getting notification for the same so that they can show up .... ??

listeners are here for you
07 May, 2020
⚓︎ you are doing a great work light sturdy bear. keep it up!

things can change
29 April, 2020
⚓︎ it's a real pleasure for everyone here to know that you have come through a very difficult phase lately but surely. it's so nice to hear that you have realised what was and is important for you, your mental health. we all go through some situations where we know what's right and what's wrong but still we choose the wrong path not intentionally but somehow we are forced by ourselves to follow the wrong one. it's because we fear about "what will .." rather than thinking about "why not.." . but that's so good that you have finally overcome everything and are now much aware about your own well being. wishing you all the luck for the future and be happy and stay blessed. and for everyone who are down and reading this...yes the top line says the right "things can change"!

i always feel like i just hate everyone and everything in this world; even my own self!
18 September, 2019
⚓︎ the major problem you got is that you hate yourself. u have developed a mindset that u are always sad from inside. nd don't say that you don't understand yourself...see you are able to put forward all your worries and feelings only because u understand yourself. u are aware about how your mind functions and that's the best part. also, u get hurt more because you think too much about it... try not giving a fuck to the things that are not fuck-worthy. sit down for a while think how you have been feeling about yourself... filter out the things which really don't matter to you. do believe in yourself. when you will love yourself, when you accept that u understand yourself... you will see the change and then you will even find it easy to connect with people and share your feelings with them. don't give up on yourself... give up on the worries, those things which are not fuck-worthy and those thoughts which make u hate yourself. and remember it's a long process... it will take time but you will get better with every passing second you try loving yourself. πŸ’ž

does anyone here lose sleep over their anxiety?
18 September, 2019
⚓︎ the best way to go to sleep is. think of most beautiful thing happened to you that particular day or imagine the things you want to happen the next day. this will even make you positive and you will kick start your day with the right intent, the next day. and all your anxiety will be gone.