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🎂 27 March, 2021

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volunteer schedule?
14 April, 2021
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went too far
14 April, 2021
⚓︎ outbursts of anger are usually never spontaneous - they get built up, over time, resulting in resentful feelings. so it sounds like she's been making these comments for a while now. to add on to delightful polished sheep's comment, i think you should either talk to her or talk to your father about this. it won't do anyone's mental health or relationship any good if these comments continue.

keeping myself in anxious/ depression i dont know why i wont change
14 April, 2021
⚓︎ it's hard to say without a live conversation, but i think you're scared to change because you're scared *of* change. what you have now is familiar and thus comfortable, at least to some degree. would it maybe help to talk to other people? there's a site called wusoup, which you can use to chat with random people. being depressed isn't being rubbish. it's the result of being over-stressed for an extended period of time, or a defense mechanism to ease painful feelings. just because you have a history of depression, anxiety, and avoidance, doesn't mean that that is your fate. question: what do you think it would take to start helping yourself? whenever you hear that voice telling you to escape to your room, to comfort, ask it: when will you start to change? i'll be silently cheering for you! i hope this helps, let me know if you want to talk :)

31 March, 2021
⚓︎ hey there! thank you for posting this, the site does indeed feel a bit quiet :) here's an internet hug to reciprocate: ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっ

how miserable is it to have no one to console you except yourself?
27 March, 2021
⚓︎ for me, it's sometimes frustrating, but mostly bearable. what helps in my case is envisioning a wise woman called "logic", distinct from me and my emotions, whose goal is to comfort me and provide guidance.