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🎂 28 October, 2021

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what makes you happy?
28 October, 2021
⚓︎ i feel you. i wonder, what would happen if we lived in a world that encourages us to actually feel our feelings. i mean, feel them from the moment they occur, to the moment they pass through us. the damage from feelings is not acknowledging them. feelings get stuck and cause harm because they feel like some sort of annihilation. but they're just feelings, and they rise and fall. they come and go. crappy feelings are normal. i've heard the adage: the only way out is through. numbness is the deepest part of the brain trying to spare you from unfamiliar territory. but allowing ourselves to feel the feelings makes us aware of the feelings and also to know that they won't kill us. uncomfortable for a while, but temporary. one thing i like to do is ask: what's going on outside my head? listening to what's going on. cars, wind, birds. for just a moment paying attention to what the world is doing outside my thoughts. it's been a refuge. hope this helps

where's my happily ever after
28 October, 2021
⚓︎ what would happen if we flipped the script? what would happen if we turned away from someone else's idea of happily ever after? what does that even mean? these stories are someone else's idea. what would happen if we disregarded the script and turned towards what gives us joy? who you are is an inside job. you alone get to decide what you love and what you don't. to truly live is to love what you love, no matter how small no matter how huge. the real romance isn't about anyone else. it's about leaning into what you love. nothing else matters. when we believe other peoples ideas of happiness, we cannot see our own. you are enough. you are alive. pretend for one day that everything you love is the driving force of your life.